Friday, July 19, 2013

Dinosaurs, Genesis & The Gospel Follow Up

One FREE Friday I shared a great resource from Answers in Genesis which is allowing you to download their Dinosaurs, Genesis and The Gospel for KIDS video for free!  I wanted to share our experience with this great FREE resource and remind you that you still have time to get your copy for FREE too!

We downloaded the video and thoroughly enjoyed watching it.  We then went through the free discussion questions they also provided.  After that Gess took the 4th Grade Science Test that started all the controversy.   Here is Gess' test!

The controversy started when a parent who sent their child to a Christian school was actually upset that the Christian school taught the Christian belief in creation!  She posted her child's test on a social media website and the atheists had a field day with it.  I think what bothered them the most was that this curriclum used science to back up the Bible! That's right, this video uses science and dinosaurs to PROVE creation is true!

Gess really enjoyed the video and I was also impressed.  Usually when a person is talking, like a preacher, or whatever, Gess doesn't like to listen.  They certainly presented this in a very fun, child-like fashion but with very solid evidences and biblical principles!

When discussing evolution and what some people believed Gess asked a very deep and profound question.  Why?  Why indeed do people choose to believe we came from evolution through random chance rather than realize that we were created by God?  That  is a very valid question.  One you will most likely be ridiculed for even asking.  And why is that?  Isn't the entire point of science to ask questions?  What's the first process in implementing the scientific method?  Asking a question! 

The problem is that evolution can't be tested using the scientific method.  You see, creationists believe in observational science.  We believe in science that uses the scientific method. What we do not believe in is the historical science that is not based upon direct observation.  Science means knowledge and the only way to have knowledge is to either observe it or have access to information from someone who has.  We have that in the Bible.  We have the Word of God and God was there when the world was created.  Evolutionists can scoff at that if they want, but they don't have that with their theory of evolution.  No one has ever witnessed or observed evolution in which new genetic information has been added to a species.  No one. 

So here is Gess watching the video.  She has actually watched it several times now though she seems to watch part 2 more than part 1.  While she enjoyed sitting and watching the video, when they had songs she had to get up, dance and sing along.

I am one parent that is glad my child is being taught the truth of creation!  But you know evolution has been so ingrained in our culture that even though Gess is homeschooled she still got confused about the questions that had billions and millions of years in them.  She has heard that so much she wasn't sure which one to answer.  At one point she had them both circled!  As Christians we need to remember that science and the Bible co-exist without compromising the foundations of our faith.  We need to stand against the culture that bullies us into submission when we point out the serious flaws in their theory. 

Thanks Answers in Genesis for offering this resource free for a limited time!  We were so blessed by it!  It's wonderful to have a resource that we can count on to be accurate and uncompromising.  It was fun to see Adam living together with the dinosaurs, to see dinosaurs on the ark and to hear explanations that use science to prove the Biblical accounts of Genesis.  We thank you for the offer and we took your challenge and you can see the results.  My 11 year old daughter, who happens to have Down syndrome, passed her 4th grade science test! We hope our readers will use the video to teach these truths too.  We will definitely be using more Answers in Genesis materials in our science and church classes in the future!

You still have time to Use the Recent Atheist Attacks to Teach More Kids the Truth.  Offer ends July 31!

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