Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Friday: Answers In Genesis - Dinosaurs, Genesis and The Gospel

I do not know if you have heard but atheists have been attacking a small Christian school in South Carolina because of a quiz that was given to the students based off of the Answers in Genesis curriculum Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel.  That is right, atheists seem to be outraged over the fact that a Christian school would teach a Christian world view about the creation of the world.  You can read the whole story at their blog Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School.

To battle this attack Answers in Genesis has decided to challenge us all to take the quiz!  Families: Let's Use the Recent Atheist Attack to Teach More Kids the Truth explains a bit more about the story and offers the challenge of taking the quiz.  However, instead of just giving us the quiz to take they are offering some of their resources FREE for a limited time so we can actually teach what is on the test!  You can get the following for no charge:
  1. View the children’s video Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel for free via video stream on the web.
  2. Download the high-resolution digital video to your computer hard drive—free until July 31
  3. Download a free PDF of the booklet on dinosaurs.
  4. Download the actual science quiz, also at no charge.
You can access this by clicking the link on the image below.  The information is in that blog.  Read it, learn about it, and then take the challenge and let's get out there and teach it so that even more kids can learn the truth about creation!

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