Sunday, May 5, 2013

Experiencing a Hurricane

Last week we went on a trip to see Gess' brother at college who was starring in a play. He did an excellent job and I am so very proud of him!  I did not, however, get any pictures.  While we were there we went to the mall and came across a hurricane simulator.  Gess loves the weather so we had to let her give it a try.  She was nervous about it but Tim's girlfriend Chelsie got her to go in with her.

Then the winds started picking up.

Once they hit around 50 mph Gess tried to get out but Chelsie held on to her and got her to stay.

They topped off near 80 then started to slow back down.

Chelsie commented when it was over that it probably wasn't much like an actual hurricane and I agreed.  It's not just the wind but the rain and the debris that comes along with it all that makes it so severe.  I know hurricanes.  I have lived in Florida and south Texas and I have been through, and ran from, many hurricanes in my lifetime.  In fact when Gess was 2 1/2 years old we lived in Florida. That was the year Florida had 4 hurricanes.  We went through 3 of them and one left us without power for 4 days.  Here are pictures of that storm in 2004.  They were taken from our window with a disposable camera so they aren't that great.

Since we had no power Gess had to do things like color by flashlight.

You don't realize how much you count on and rely on electricity until it is gone.  Gess kept trying to get the TV to turn on and was so frustrated when we couldn't even play music.  I had a radio but to save the batteries I only listened to the news periodically.  Gess seemed to find life without electricity pretty boring, especially since she couldn't play outside.

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