Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bible Awards

Our Wednesday class at church finished up with an award ceremony last week.  We had a fun team Field Day event at the end of the year and awarded the teams bronze, silver and gold medals.  Gess was excited to be on the team that got the gold!

The kids shared their theme verse, motto, the gospel in colors and a song.  Gess absolutely loves music.  At first she was just singing like everyone else.  She is in the purple in the middle.

Then she had to get physical with it.  She absolutely loves moving to music, especially in worship!

While I enjoyed the games and the ceremony, I really am rethinking all of this award stuff.  Kids are given awards for some many things these days. I want to the kids to come to learn about God's Word and to desire Him, not just what "stuff" they get. I want them to learn that a relationship with God IS the reward!  I want them to be more excited about the Word of God than they are some silly medal. I hope I am at least teaching my daughter that!

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