Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing Games

Gess has always enjoyed playing board or card games with us but it has just been the past year or two where she has really  been able to do it somewhat independently.  We started with Yahtzee, Operation and Sorry.  She loves Sorry and that one is even helpful in making her a gracious loser because we really emphasize the sorry part.  We make a big deal out of it in a really fun sort of way so she doesn't get mad when she gets sent back.  She is also getting better at cards since she is learning how to hold them in her hand.

Later I will be posting some of the games we are playing and how we are incorporating them into learning and therapy.  However since we are sort of taking a break from school this week I thought I would share one that she played with daddy last week.  It's called Heroes Incorporated.  My husband won it at a Board Game convention and never really played it.  They did have to adapt some of the rules to make it more fair for Gess.  She certainly isn't as skilled as daddy but she is enjoying it. This game was not my style, so I opted out.  It was certainly a nice relaxing thing for her to do since she was just recuperating from the stomach bug. I even think she won!

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