Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special Olympics 2013

Gess was supposed to attend 2 Special Olympic competitions this year but she was sick when they had the first one.  The second one was set for last week but rained out.  They rescheduled it for yesterday and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day for it. 

This was the first time this city hosted an event and with the cancellation I think some teams ended up not being able to make it so the attendance was down and in most events Gess competed against only one other girl.  There were plenty of boys in their heats but there seemed to be a shortage of girls.  Well, that meant that Gess would either get the gold or the silver and she managed to get the gold in each one!  She had four events and got four gold medals! She was so ecstatic!   Here are a few pictures of her joyous day.

The Tennis Ball Throw - Gold

Making waiting more fun with a game of Duck-Duck Goose.

10 Meter Dash - Gold
As you can see she was not a fan of the sound of the gun.

25 Meter Dash - Gold

50 Meter Dash - Gold

She was super excited here because she thought was going to get the silver.  Actually so did I.  I felt bad for the other girl because I think the judges got it wrong.  It certainly was a close race!

It was nice to see these girls stay friends, even when competing against each other.

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