Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Reading Kick Off

Today we signed up for the summer reading program at our local library.  Now we are ready to Dig into Reading.  This will be the second year that Gess must follow the Program B reading requirements.  She mastered it last year so this should be easy.  The rules are listed below. 

 I actually don't let Gess choose only 3 of the categories.  I make Gess read one from each of those categories.  I want her to get a good feel for all types of reading. 

We are also going to join Governor Brownback's Read Kansas Read challenge.  I love that it only requires them to log the amount of minutes they spend reading.  That means that children with special needs will have an equal opportunity to participate.  You don't have to read well or fast, just read!  I like that!  If you live in Kansas you can learn more about that by clicking on the image below. 

Gess is always excited to sign up for the summer reading program.  The reward for completing it is admission into a private swim party at the local pool. They also get other prizes as they reach milestones along the way.  Today was special for me because this was the first time we signed up with my grandkids!  As you can see, all three of them already love reading!

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