Friday, July 12, 2013

Printable Family Chore Chart

You know chore charts are not just for children.  As I have been struggling trying to keep the house work up among all my summer activities, homeschooling projects, exercise, blogging, church activities and other every day life events I realized that I needed a hand.  Since Gess is getting older and taking on more responsibility I though it was a good time to put some order into her routine of helping.  Then Chelsie gave me a great idea that she uses.  By breaking up my weekly chores into daily tasks I don't have to give up an entire day to nothing but cleaning house!

Taking her idea and breaking up the daily chores I came up with the following list.  There is one for each of us and an extra one that goes beyond the standard chores.  It's the stuff we do at least once a week to keep our house neat and clean.  What I love about it is that if something happens on that one day I had set aside to clean the house, it doesn't mean that my entire house gets neglected for another week!  Face it, that happens a lot!  The one day you had to clean someone gets sick, stops by, has a special event or something gets in the way.

Below is a copy of my family's chore chart as well as a blank copy in case you want to try making one for your family too!

Our Family Chore Chart

Click on the image below to download and print a Blank Family Chore Chart for your personal use!

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