Saturday, July 20, 2013

An American Girl Tea Party

Want to know what is so great about this picture?  I didn't take it.  That's right, my daughter is in the yellow shirt in the upper right corner and I was not even in the room.  Our library has wonderful programs every summer and young girls get to go to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  However when you get older they now have an American Girl Tea Party. 

Gess is finally old enough to go alone.  While I was around at the library in case they needed me I didn't stay in the room with her.  Sure, she has been left alone at classes at church, gymnastics and other things like that but this was the first one where most of the kids were strangers to her.  

I am sure Gess could have done a lot of these things on her own when she was younger but I liked to be there in case communication became a problem but I also just enjoyed helping and watching her.  It was during those times that I taught Gess how she was supposed to behave and what was expected of her.  I was also able to teach other people how to relate to and communicate with Gess.  She has learned well and I know that now she is older she doesn't always want me around, especially in the age group where other mom's aren't there too.  I still peeked in the door a few times to see how she was doing but I left her basically alone. 

The librarians assured me that Gess had a great time. She said her favorite part was playing bingo.  She also got a great surprise!  They gave each girl an American Girl Collection of Kaya stories!  I bet you can guess what our next read alongs will be.  So here is my American girl with her new set of books.  I am so proud of her!

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