Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Church Camp - Doing it All

I mentioned in my last blog how Gess was just one of the crowd at church camp.  Another great thing about camp was that Gess tried everything.  She not only participated in the service but she tried every activity they had.  She seemed to enjoy them all too.

Archery was her newest experience.  She needed some serious help with it.  While she looks cool aiming her arrow all by herself it didn't go very far.  In fact, it literally dropped right in front of her.

However, with a little help she made it to the target boxes.

The water slide was something she had done before but she could never seem to go very fast.  This year, however, she finally figured it out and she zoomed down the slide!  She really loved it.

During free time she loved to play basketball.  One of the youth team helped to teach her how to properly make a shot.  Gess got pretty good at it!

Other activities she tried were mini golf,

table games,


and fishing.

She also participated in all the group games except one day when her team lost and she got mad and quit.  Being a good sport is something else we are constantly working at.  This was a day where she didn't give up.

At the end of the water games she informed me that was she was reaaallly wet.

And of course she participated in worship and bible study as I mentioned before.  In fact she had the honor of earning the most points for memorization and won a camp t-shirt.  I didn't even have to modify any verses!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

It looks like she had SO much fun!!! Tell her not to feel bad. I can't get the arrow to the target, either. Archery is harder than it looks!!


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