Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bible Trivia Anyone?

We have this very old Bible Trivia game that my husband's mom gave us when we first got married.  She didn't give it to us brand new, it was used, but she knew my husband and I enjoyed playing.  When my boys were younger and before Gess ever entered the scene we used to play it quite a bit.  We had a system for dealing with the tough Old Testament questions.  "When in doubt, answer David!"  It's not that David is often the answer, that just seemed to be what the boys would say if they didn't know the answer.  It soon became our replacement for "I don't know."  It was always funny when it paid off and we got it right! 

Well, Gess really loves to sit down and play games in the evening.  One night my husband was saying how it would be nice to be able to play that old Bible Trivia game with her.  I immediately got up, went to one of our closets and pulled out the box and said "you mean this old thing?"  He was glad we still had it.  The box was so beat up that we decided to put in a shoe, or rather boot box.  The board itself is falling a part and has seen better days but the questions are still tough but fun.

The game has both adult and children's cards so we ask Gess the blue cards and we get asked the white ones.  The print is really small on the cards but with a little help Gess can still read them.


Most of the time I can understand the question just fine but occasionally we have read it ourselves. Gess does fairly well answering questions too but, she like all of us, she gets plenty wrong.  Some of her answers reveal her trouble comprehending and/or communicating the correct response.  Tonight her question was:

"What did Jesus say a Christian should do if someone hits him on the cheek?"

Her answer was "Hit them on the other cheek!" Well, she got the "other cheek" part right anyway!

After playing this for a few months I have actually discovered that Gess knows a whole lot more about the Old Testament than she does the New Testament!  It's usually the other way around with kids. This year when school starts I am going focus on the New Testament!  In the mean time we are having fun playing the game. It's a great way to enhance Biblical knowledge in a fun way.  Gess doesn't always get the answers right, but she sure has fun playing it.

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