Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Challenge has been met!

I want to thank all of my readers for bearing with me this month as I took the Ultimate Blog Challenge which had me post one blog a day for the entire month of July.  With my last post scheduled for tomorrow I figured today would be a good day to celebrate! 

Blogging is hard, especially when your topic is based around a certain subject.  Coming up with ideas and things to share is a real challenge.  Participating in the UBC helped me really work at keeping material fresh and new.  I know many of my posts were personal, but as I have said before I think it is important to see what is going on in my daughter's life.  Every experience she goes through is part of her learning process.  Seeing what she is capable of is part of advocacy for children with special needs and in particular Down syndrome.

Now that the challenge is over I will go back to my regular schedule of blogging.  My personal goal is to post 3 non-review posts per week. That may not always happen, but it is what I want.  My review posts are important too as they help my readers browse curriculum and materials from home and really see how they work in real life and in particular in relation to special needs.  However I want to be sure I cover a wide variety of topics and reviews are only a small part of that. 

Thanks for bearing with me!  I am pleased with my personal success at finishing the challenge!  It was tough, but it was fun! 

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