Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lessons from Sports Camp

Our Sports Camp at church was amazing.  The them was "Off the Bench" and they used BENCH as an acronym to remember their theme for each day.

B - Be Prepared
E - Be an Encourager
N - Narrow Your Focus
C - Change the Outcome
H - Hope

It was fun to watch Gess apply these principles through the week.  On Tuesday Gess had piano lessons and her instructor, who also helped out at camp, told her that she did a really good job playing.  Gess immediately responded by saying, "You are an encourager!"  It was neat to see her apply that in a way that showed she truly understood what it meant.

The next day we were at the store and Gess was looking at some canned goods and she held her hands by her eyes as she looked and said "Look mom I have my focus."  OK, so she didn't quite get that lesson as well, but she was listening!

Gess participated in cheer-leading and had a lot of fun.  They said she did really good in the class.  Here she is with one of the helpers who attends our church.  It was the last day and they were supposed to dress crazy.  We forgot so Gess is just in her normal sports gear!

Here is part of one of the cheers they did for the parents at the end.

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