Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Down Syndrome - Did You Know They Can Drive?

Did you know that people with Down syndrome can get a driver's license?  That thought both excites and frightens me! Gess barely pays attention when she is pushing her cart through the store so I can't imagine her out on the road.  Of course since she is only 11 she has plenty of time to mature in that regard!

My daughter has been asking to drive since she was about 7 years old.  My response has been to her that she can drive when she turns 18 and passes the test.  See, I don't want to discourage her from trying but she does need to know there may be obstacles.

Many people with Down syndrome do not drive, but there are some that do!  I read a story about one mom who told her daughter that she would buy her an expensive car when she got her driver's license.  She said that because she never thought her daughter would be able to drive.  That was one expensive lesson, but one she was happy to learn.

Here is a video about one young man with Down syndrome who studied and worked hard to get his license.  Maybe that will be Gess one day too.  I know that if she does drive I will constantly worry about her, but I worried about her brothers when they learned to drive too!  Fear or no fear, if it is something Gess wants it will be something she will do and I intend to support her every step of the way!

This post is part of my new Did You Know? About Down Syndrome Awareness Series where I post random facts about Down syndrome to help educate others about DS.  Feel free to post suggestions for future topics in my comment section.  I would love to hear what you would like to discuss!

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