Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Days of Hands-on Learning Topics

I have been working on my posts for the 5 Days of Blog Hop from the Schoolhouse Review Crew which is coming up August 5-9.  There are several topics that will be addressed by other writers.  I am looking forward to reading them.  Some that are on the top of my to read list are:

Science Fun
Homeschooling with Special Needs
A Learning Lifestyle
Dad Friendly Homeschooling
Being His Hands and Feet.

There are several more topics of interest from homeschooling styles, curriculum selections, beginning the homeschooling journey, field trips and so much more.

I wanted to let you know what my posts will specifically be about.  Here are my topics for 5 Days of Hands-On Learning.

Day 1 - Why Hands-on Learning is Important This explains some reasons hands-on learning is important and how it is helpful for children of all learning styles whether or not they have special needs.

Day 2 - Adapting Lessons to Hands-on Learning This post gives some basic examples of how to take a lesson and make it hands-on. This allows you to work with materials you already have rather than looking for a specialized hands-on curriculum.

Day 3 - Incorporating Manipulatives in Lessons This offers some simple ways to incorporate manipulatives into your lessons so that your child has a way to use their hands in every subject.

Day 4 - Teaching With Games Games are one of the funnest ways to get hands-on learning in. Here are some ideas of not only what games to play but how this benefits learning even if you are playing just for fun.

Day 5 - Hands-on Learning: A Whole Body Experience Hands-on learning is more than just using your hands. Sometimes its helpful to get up on your feet, move around and get your whole body into the lesson.

So remember to check back August 5-9 for my 5 Days of Hands-on Learning and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew are writing about too!

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