Monday, July 15, 2013

My Nutty Professor

Our library always has fun programs in the summer.  The other day they had a Nutty Professor come and share some fun science experiments.  Well you know that my little scientist just had to go and she had an excellent front row view.  The scientist did many fun things that taught the kids about how atoms move, air flows, water acts in various states and they even learned new terms such as Bernoulli principle. 

Gess got to assist in a couple of the demonstrations.  This one was a bottle that kept refilling itself!  To begin she had to pick out her goggles.

Then the lady emptied the bottle into the pitcher.

Lifting it in the air the bottle would fill itself up!

Then they would empty it again and repeat.  What a neat trick!

This next picture gives you an idea of how that trick was done.  Look closely at the opening of the bottle.  A hole was also involved.

The next time Gess got to assist she got too scared to participate because it involved being sucked up by a vacuum.  They let her choose her replacement and let her help during the next one.  This time she started to help but once she noticed fire was involved she kept her distance and plugged her ears, just in case!  Here they are getting a water balloon sucked into a jar.

Gess was warned not to try these at home.  That's because she said they can be messy.  She suggested doing them at a friends house instead!  I don't think we will mind the mess.  Seeing Gess' excitement is worth any amount of clean up. 

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