Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Purse Shopping

Gesserine is almost a teenager. In October she will be turning 13. She has lately started carrying around a purse that she has had since she was a little girl. She never played with the purse until now. It just sat in her toy box year after year. Then suddenly, she wanted to start carrying it. I was excited because I tried to get her to start carrying one a couple of years ago, and that too never interested her. I am glad she is finally wanting to do it!

The purse is really small so it isn't very practical or comfortable. I felt she needed one she could actually use so last weekend we went purse shopping. Gess isn't really good at browsing for things. There are so many options she doesn't even know where to start. Even when its time for lunch in our home she will ask me to give her some options, so we started with that. I picked out several purses I thought she might be interested in and asked her if she liked it or not. If it was a yes, it went into the shopping cart until we got about 7 or 8 options. We then tried them out one by one.

We narrowed it down to her top 3.

Then I had her walk around with them for awhile.

Her favorite was the flowered one on the left. I then had her walk around with it on her shoulder while we shopped. Before we were done we learned it was not comfortable enough, so we tried the pink one on the right. It had a smaller but stiffer strap. We then settled on one she didn't like earlier but since we found it in red she was more agreeable. This isn't as cute as the others but the strap is very soft. For Gess and her special needs, that seems to be the most important component in selecting any piece of wardrobe or accessory.

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