Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Friday: KidsTV123

I was looking for a song to help Gess review the months of the year. She had this memorized once but since we don't really talk about the order of the months all the time she seems to have forgotten. Since we memorized the days of the week by a song, I thought I would find one for the months of the year too. In doing so I found some really great videos for young kids!

KidsTV123 has great quality videos for kids. These songs are really well done and are not as annoying as your typical kid song. I also like that the music is calming and slow. It is easy to follow and gets them thinking about the words rather than just bouncing around. These are really great for kids with special needs!

Here is the song we used for the months of the year.

We also discovered this one and Gess loved it as right now she is really interested in the solar system!

They have several other topics including opposites, countries, states, numbers, alphabet and so much more. You should really check them out!  While most of these are young for Gess, I am going to share them with my grandkids. I thought you might want to know about them too!

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