Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Plan

We are getting ready to start back to school on August 18th. This will be Gess' first year in middle school. Here are my current curriculum choices for the year.

Language Arts/Speech
Logic of English - We reviewed this last year and I absolutely love it!  However, with Gess' special needs and our other reviews, we have gone rather slowly through the book. I hope to complete it this year.

Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) - I am currently reviewing this product but so far we love it! It is affordable and a really great way for Gess to have some independent work in reading.

Logic of English Cursive - I am not sure cursive is going to take or not but I am going to give one more year a try. It really is easier for her when she uses it. It's easier to read and all that, but we have the habit of printing to overcome so I am not sure she will stick with it.

Essentials in Writing - We have spent quite awhile on Level 1. This year we are moving up to Level 2. I have ordered it, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet.

Mathletics - We will use both the printable workbooks and the online work for practice.

CTC Math - We will use this daily.

Veritas Press - We are loving this and will probably take almost the entire school year to finish. We will probably select another class from them next year.

I am considering using Science Shepherd Homeschool Online which is a complete online science curriculum. I will start with Introductory Science. Like history, it will be really convenient to have much of it done online. However, I really don't much about it, so I haven't decided for sure.

Gess has studied a lot of the Old and New Testament. I think we are going to focus more on teaching her how to have more of a personal devotion time and determine the topics as we go along.

I am not sure we will do a regular curriculum or just explore the topic. There is much I want Gess to learn for her independence in the future as well as school.

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