Monday, August 18, 2014

Morning Devotions

I hope some of you have been enjoying my Morning Devotions. I am doing them because they are keeping me accountable to my own personal Bible study time by writing down what I have learned. I figured sharing it with others might help them find time to have a devotion as well. Sometimes my biggest problem is deciding what to read therefore I have found having a devotional to read with can certainly be helpful.

However, since this is a homeschool blog I will probably stop posting them here. I will, however, keep the link at the top and side bar of my page so those interested can easily find them. I will start that later today so for anyone looking for today's devotion, I apologize that it won't arrive until later but I have to set the blog up first. Since today is our first day back to school, that will have to wait until this afternoon.

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