Friday, August 15, 2014

Co-Op Organizational Meeting Was Today!

We had our organizational meeting today for our Homeschool Co-Op. This is the first year I am participating. I think it is only the third year they have done one. We live in a small town, so its a small group which probably works best for Gess anyway. It will keep her from being overwhelmed. Because it is small I offered to be the secretary. I manage to become the secretary for about every activity I get involved in! I am the secretary of our local Down syndrome support group, I was the secretary of our diet club we had. I was secretary for our church AWANA club for many years, and when my boys were young I was the secretary of our local little league!  Oh well, at least I know how to be a secretary, right!?

We meet every other Friday for the school year beginning the 2nd Friday in September. We are planning 6 field trips, a science fair, visits to the nursing home 3 times a year, will have a couple of moms activities, an open house, and an end of the year party planned.  During our meetings the kids will have an opening time, a class time, a share and snack time, and an art activity.

I am really looking forward to this for the social aspect for Gess. Having no siblings at home she really needs some kids to hang out with and learning in group settings other than church will be fun too.  I will of course, keep you posted about how it goes!  And yes, there will be some pictures too!

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