Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Money Matters and Special Needs

My daughter has Down syndrome and is entering middle school so I want to begin an even stronger focus on helping her understand how to handle money. I am also trying to figure out a way for her to make some money. She recycles cans and that is fine, but I want more of a business model. It would help if I was crafty, but I am not! My goal is try to find something for her to make and sell.

In the meantime I picked up this workbook and so far it looks perfect for what I want to cover. They have this for three age levels: kids, teens 11-14, and teens 15-18.

This has practical, down to earth steps about money management. It appears to teach both how the system works and then how to manage your own money. It is from a Christian perspective which is very important to me. I am considering ordering the actual book Money Matters for Teens to go with it, but it looks like this can be used all by itself.  Here are a couple of quotes from the introduction that I enjoyed.
"The purpose of this workbook is to help you understand how to use money properly and make intelligent decisions based upon what God's Word says and not what some television ad says....
You have a great opportunity to learn at a young age what takes most people 40 or more years to learn: how to make good financial decisions. In this study, you'll learn how to balance a checkbook, handle a credit card, buy a car, even how to choose the right insurance. Once you know all this, you can help your parents do it too (just kidding)!"
All kidding aside, there are lots of families I know where the adults could probably use this advice. If this works well with Gess I will be sure to let you know. With her special needs some of this may be more difficult for her to grasp, but from the look of it I think she will do well with it. I am also considering using this with our youth group at church.  I will make that decision after Gess and I have completed the book.

Anyway, I was excited so I wanted to share. Please share any resources you use to teach your teen and/or child with special needs about finances. Also, share any and all ideas for a youth home business, preferably ones that don't require much skill. We are not the arts and crafts sort of family!

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