Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School!

We officially started school yesterday and it went really well. It felt good to have some structure back into our day.  We started by reviewing where we left off. This is important with Logic of English. I want to make sure Gess has remembered all the phonograms before introducing her to new ones.. She has done an excellent job in retention and there are only a few that she missed in her first review. We will have those back  easily by the end of the week!

For Math I am using the Mathletics Curriculum Assessments Books to see what Gess needs the most work on before moving forward. We will probably be doing these for the next few weeks.

We are also reviewing the letters she has written in cursive. You can see her practicing here.

I have also introduced a new Log Book method of keeping track of independent work she needs to do in the latter part of the day. She will have a couple of worksheets each day along with her computer work. The Log Book is a review item that I will be sharing more about next month!

We had a pretty full day which included chores. These are important life skills. It was laundry day!

We also make time to practice the piano.

And of course she gets recess too!

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