Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collage and Acrostic Art Projects

Since it is spring break here we decided to take a day to spend with some of our friends who go to public school. We had three friends over today and we decided to do some of the art that Tim did with us during Drama Therapy.

The collage was a hit by everyone. Even I enjoyed it!  You take a piece of paper and a bunch of magazines. Then find things you like or words that describe them or just anything you like about you. What do you like to do? What do you like about yourself? How do you feel? It's a great way to be expressive and the kids really got into it. I loved how the children went for words like beautiful, fun, creative, and bright future. Even the word lazy was in the context of "Sometimes I like to be lazy and relax." Don't we all? Here they are finding just the right words and pictures for their artwork.

This took up quite a bit of time and they chose to do this over video games. At least the girls did!  It led to some really great conversation too. Here are the final products.

Collage Art

Items Needed:
Construction Paper or Card Stock
Magazines to cut out pictures and words from

Cut out pictures and words that describe yourself and what you like. Glue them on to the paper any way you like. You can also cut the construction paper into shapes and make a collage on that.

The girls also made their clouds but went for a rainbow theme.

Here is the original rain cloud Gess made. She didn't want to make another one today.

Cloud Acrostic Art

Items Needed:
White construction paper or card stock
Colored or blue construction paper
Water color based paint (optional)

Cut the white construction paper into a cloud shape. If desired paint the cloud but it can be kept white as well.
Write your name in marker on the cloud.
Cut the rest of the construction paper into strips. Use a variety of colors if you want rainbow strips, or use just blue if you want rain.
Write one word that begins with each letter of your name that says something about yourself.
Glue those strips of paper underneath those letters in your name.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Drama Therapy

Have you ever heard of Drama Therapy? If not, you should. It is something that is starting to really take off. My son is actually in grad school getting his masters in Drama Therapy. When he entered the program it was new to me too, but I am excited about what it can do.

So far my son has worked with lots of kids with special needs, particularly many kids who are on the autism spectrum. Over spring break he came down and did a drama therapy session for my homeschool co-op. I was thrilled! While Gess is the only child in the group with special needs, drama therapy is a great way for any kid to learn. It enhances thinking skills, creativity, motor skills, reasoning and much more.

I can't really share many pictures but here are two that give you a small hint about how it works.  The leaders engage the children in all kinds of pretend scenarios then the fun begins.

During the art hour they brought crafts that helped the child to think about themselves. They could do two things, make a collage that described them or make a cloud with rainbow ribbons or rain. Gess made a rain cloud. On every ribbon you take a letter of your name and use it to find a word that tells us something about you. My son's Tim example was T - Theatre I - Imagination M - Music. Gess came up with G - Good at art E - earth S - Siesta S - Sister. (We are part of the Beth Moore Siesta Sister Memory Team.)

It was great to see my son work. Drama therapy has so many benefits. Seeing it action for this short session just only revealed a small aspect of it. We plan on having them back again in the fall. It is thrilling to watch the kids' imagination explode!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Free Friday: Free Ebook Truth About Common Core

 D. James Kennedy Ministries is offering a FREE ebook about Common Core. Below is a quote from their website. Follow the link to learn more and get your FREE copy!
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Art on Display

Gesserine had the honor of having 3 entries in the in the Southeast Kansas Children's Art Festival. The local art gallery displayed children's art from many southeast area public schools, christian schools, and homeschools. Our co-op had four entries, Gess being one of them. Her entry "Birds" even made the window display!

It was exciting to enter an art museum and see your own work on display!  Here is the display with our co-op entries. Gesserine's are the two on the right, the fan and the house.  The other entries are really great too!

We had fun looking at what other children had done. The ones from schools were chosen by their art teacher, and they were certainly worthy of it. Here are a few that captured Gesserine's attention. She even voted for the one of the planets as her favorite.

The children's art exhibit will be up all month. What an exciting thing to say that your art has been on display at an actual art museum! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Veritas Press History on Sale 50% OFF

I don't like to share sales very often, but the Veritas Press Self-Paced History is something that has been a tremendous blessing for us. It enables Gess to work almost totally independently and she is enthralled and fascinated by history in a way she never was before. The fact that it ties Biblical history into secular history is a plus for me. Check out my review last year on their course Old Testament and Ancient Egypt to see just how great this program is.

The program costs $199.00 but from now until March 14th you can get it for only $99! If you aren't ready to start the course now you can wait until as late as September 1, 2015. I signed up immediately when I realized that. Gess is nearing the end of her Old Testament and Ancient Egypt course so I wasn't ready to begin a new one.

You get the subscription for one year but since you go at your own pace your student can finish sooner. We pretty much stretched it out of the entire year so Gess could get the most out of it. The courses are for grades 1-6 but Gess still finds it fascinating so I will have her continue for grade 7 next year. With her special needs I am not concerned how the content is presented as long as it is solid. She actually enjoys the videos, animations, and games they use to make the lesson fun. It has to be the best online program we have ever used. I wish they had more subjects!

So, if you are interested in trying this resource, do so while you can save half of your money. $99 for an entire years lesson on history which you don't have to do yourself is amazing. They even grade it for you!  All you do is check on their work. I love it!  Gess actually still has a 94% so I am impressed with her work.

Oh yeah, you will want to get the flashcards that go with each lesson as well which are $19.95. They are necessary so maybe it will cost you $118.99 but I am going to wait until the summer to order my cards so that split up my cost a bit.

Anyway, this is a great program, so don't miss the savings if you are interested!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Storm Fury on the Plains

By now my readers know that Gesserine is a weather nut, so last year I took her to the Storm Fury on the Plains presentation put on the by the National Weather Service out of Wichita. She sat through the entire 2 hours and couldn't wait to go again. They do this annually so last night we attended it again. I am glad we did because last year I had no idea how much information would be in one of these things and I forgot so much of it when I got home. This year, I took notes!

The Storm Fury on the Plains is an official weather spotting training session. They offer these in every county because Kansas has the second highest number of severe weather events in the country. Only Texas tops us simply because it is bigger. Per 1000 miles, we are just barely behind Oklahoma. Basically statistics confirm what we already know, we are in the heart of tornado alley. 

The information they give you is fascinating and of course educational.  We were quizzed on trying to determine wind speed, our ability to spot storms, asking what we saw, what the threats were, were we safe, and what we would report. Gess participated and answered questions getting many of them correct. I didn't get them all right myself!

We learned a lot of interesting facts and tricks to help us determine information to send in. If you want to know how strong the winds are there are things to look for to give you a general idea of how fast they are blowing. Check out these facts.

Of course you can also buy wind meters to use with your smartphone. I looked into some of those but most are IPhone or Android. I have a Windows phone.

As for safety information, I think Gess and I know pretty much how to play it safe. Still, I did learn a new interesting fact you may want to know. Things you need to have prepared in case of a storm are food, water, a first aid kit, weather radio (or cell phone), a whistle, and shoes. I had never heard of shoes being important before but after a storm it is dangerous to walk around. From now on, when the tornado warning is issued we are putting on our shoes while hiding in our safe room!

It is really important that your family have a safety plan and survival kit. The above kit is the bare minimum. For a more in depth look at what you need during severe weather here a few links from the National Weather Service Saftey and Survival Page:

Planning Ahead for Severe Weather
Basics of Severe Weather Safety
Disaster Supply Kit

I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone.  Even if you don't want to be a trained spotter, there is important information to help you know what to do when you are faced with severe weather. One year we ran right into a storm and a tornado crossed the road right behind me! If I had taken this training then, I would have known to stop and not drive through the storm. I had actually paused and considered it but chose to go through. Now I know better! So while technically we are now trained spotters and if I report a sighting I can do so by stating "I am a trained weather spotter and I saw such and such at this time heading this direction" that is not my main motivation for taking the training. It's to avoid potential threats for myself and the bonus is that I can now call it in to warn others! And of course there is the fact that Gess just loves learning about weather. Being homeschoolers we take all the free courses we can get our hands on. This one just happens to be important for everyone.


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