Thursday, March 5, 2015

Veritas Press History on Sale 50% OFF

I don't like to share sales very often, but the Veritas Press Self-Paced History is something that has been a tremendous blessing for us. It enables Gess to work almost totally independently and she is enthralled and fascinated by history in a way she never was before. The fact that it ties Biblical history into secular history is a plus for me. Check out my review last year on their course Old Testament and Ancient Egypt to see just how great this program is.

The program costs $199.00 but from now until March 14th you can get it for only $99! If you aren't ready to start the course now you can wait until as late as September 1, 2015. I signed up immediately when I realized that. Gess is nearing the end of her Old Testament and Ancient Egypt course so I wasn't ready to begin a new one.

You get the subscription for one year but since you go at your own pace your student can finish sooner. We pretty much stretched it out of the entire year so Gess could get the most out of it. The courses are for grades 1-6 but Gess still finds it fascinating so I will have her continue for grade 7 next year. With her special needs I am not concerned how the content is presented as long as it is solid. She actually enjoys the videos, animations, and games they use to make the lesson fun. It has to be the best online program we have ever used. I wish they had more subjects!

So, if you are interested in trying this resource, do so while you can save half of your money. $99 for an entire years lesson on history which you don't have to do yourself is amazing. They even grade it for you!  All you do is check on their work. I love it!  Gess actually still has a 94% so I am impressed with her work.

Oh yeah, you will want to get the flashcards that go with each lesson as well which are $19.95. They are necessary so maybe it will cost you $118.99 but I am going to wait until the summer to order my cards so that split up my cost a bit.

Anyway, this is a great program, so don't miss the savings if you are interested!

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