Monday, March 9, 2015

Art on Display

Gesserine had the honor of having 3 entries in the in the Southeast Kansas Children's Art Festival. The local art gallery displayed children's art from many southeast area public schools, christian schools, and homeschools. Our co-op had four entries, Gess being one of them. Her entry "Birds" even made the window display!

It was exciting to enter an art museum and see your own work on display!  Here is the display with our co-op entries. Gesserine's are the two on the right, the fan and the house.  The other entries are really great too!

We had fun looking at what other children had done. The ones from schools were chosen by their art teacher, and they were certainly worthy of it. Here are a few that captured Gesserine's attention. She even voted for the one of the planets as her favorite.

The children's art exhibit will be up all month. What an exciting thing to say that your art has been on display at an actual art museum! 

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