Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collage and Acrostic Art Projects

Since it is spring break here we decided to take a day to spend with some of our friends who go to public school. We had three friends over today and we decided to do some of the art that Tim did with us during Drama Therapy.

The collage was a hit by everyone. Even I enjoyed it!  You take a piece of paper and a bunch of magazines. Then find things you like or words that describe them or just anything you like about you. What do you like to do? What do you like about yourself? How do you feel? It's a great way to be expressive and the kids really got into it. I loved how the children went for words like beautiful, fun, creative, and bright future. Even the word lazy was in the context of "Sometimes I like to be lazy and relax." Don't we all? Here they are finding just the right words and pictures for their artwork.

This took up quite a bit of time and they chose to do this over video games. At least the girls did!  It led to some really great conversation too. Here are the final products.

Collage Art

Items Needed:
Construction Paper or Card Stock
Magazines to cut out pictures and words from

Cut out pictures and words that describe yourself and what you like. Glue them on to the paper any way you like. You can also cut the construction paper into shapes and make a collage on that.

The girls also made their clouds but went for a rainbow theme.

Here is the original rain cloud Gess made. She didn't want to make another one today.

Cloud Acrostic Art

Items Needed:
White construction paper or card stock
Colored or blue construction paper
Water color based paint (optional)

Cut the white construction paper into a cloud shape. If desired paint the cloud but it can be kept white as well.
Write your name in marker on the cloud.
Cut the rest of the construction paper into strips. Use a variety of colors if you want rainbow strips, or use just blue if you want rain.
Write one word that begins with each letter of your name that says something about yourself.
Glue those strips of paper underneath those letters in your name.

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