Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Drama Therapy

Have you ever heard of Drama Therapy? If not, you should. It is something that is starting to really take off. My son is actually in grad school getting his masters in Drama Therapy. When he entered the program it was new to me too, but I am excited about what it can do.

So far my son has worked with lots of kids with special needs, particularly many kids who are on the autism spectrum. Over spring break he came down and did a drama therapy session for my homeschool co-op. I was thrilled! While Gess is the only child in the group with special needs, drama therapy is a great way for any kid to learn. It enhances thinking skills, creativity, motor skills, reasoning and much more.

I can't really share many pictures but here are two that give you a small hint about how it works.  The leaders engage the children in all kinds of pretend scenarios then the fun begins.

During the art hour they brought crafts that helped the child to think about themselves. They could do two things, make a collage that described them or make a cloud with rainbow ribbons or rain. Gess made a rain cloud. On every ribbon you take a letter of your name and use it to find a word that tells us something about you. My son's Tim example was T - Theatre I - Imagination M - Music. Gess came up with G - Good at art E - earth S - Siesta S - Sister. (We are part of the Beth Moore Siesta Sister Memory Team.)

It was great to see my son work. Drama therapy has so many benefits. Seeing it action for this short session just only revealed a small aspect of it. We plan on having them back again in the fall. It is thrilling to watch the kids' imagination explode!

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