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What Is Down Syndrome? - An article explaining what Down syndrome actually is along with some basic statistics.
Special Needs Planning -  An article with important information every parent with a special needs child should know concerning financial planning for their future.  Don't wait until they are 18 to read this, prepare and plan now!


Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome - A guide for teachers and parents to help teach children to read.  This book may be started at an early age and was a great supplement for us.
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome Book 2 (and other hands-on learners) - An excellent resource to add to your math or even public school curriculum.
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome Book 2 (and other hands-on learners) - Building on from Book 1 it covers advanced survival skills and math in the real world.
Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome
Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome
Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome - An excellent resource for early speech skills up to about age 6.
Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better - Speech therapy help for ages 6-14.
The Kitchen Classroom - A cook book to use with children with special needs. It has a teacher's guide and color photo step by step instructions.  It's gluten free but you can substitute regular recipes like I did.
What's Wrong With This Picture? - We used this book to help teach Gess to answer "why" something was wrong.  Why is that picture wrong?  Because a teapot does not go on your head.

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 Did You Know? About Down Syndrome Awareness - Several articles to dispel myths and share facts about Down syndrome.

Did You Know They Can Drive?
Did You Know They Have a Variety of Emotions?

Links to Other Sources for More Information

National Down Syndrome Society
National Down Syndrome Congress
Southeast Kansas Down Syndrome Society
Woodbine House Publishers

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