Math Curriculum

Teaching Math To People With Down Syndrome Book 1 - A book geared specifically to teaching math to people with Down syndrome.  I used it to supplement our math activities.
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome Book 2 - Part 2 in the Teaching Math series that focuses on advanced survival skills and use in every day life.
Math Mammoth - A curriculum we use and like.  It has some hands on activities and larger fonts and pages that work well with Gess.

Hands on Activities

Patterns and Sequencing An  early hands on pattern and sequencing activity our speech therapist taught us.
Counting On - A math game we used to teach counting on skills
Holiday Math Game In this blog you will find a cute holiday pie game we used to teach Gess some math skills.
Getting Our Hands on Place Values - Math U See A Math U See activity teaching place value
Math Facts: Doubles - Visual aids to help children learn their doubles math facts from Teaching Math to Children with Down Syndrome
Math Game - Can I Buy That? - A math game we made up to learn counting money and determining if you have enough money to make a purchase.
Yahtzee for Math - We found a large print score sheet and use this to practice adding doubles.
Making a Picture Graph - A fun, hands on way to learn graphing.


Skip Counting Song A video of a song that teaches skip counting 2, 5 and 10.


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