Introduction to Reading -
Early reading skills, letter recognition, phonics, etc.

Introduction to Reading Using Sight Words.  Early site word reading tips for kids to use even before they are ready for phonics.  Gess did extremely well with these.
Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome - A book geared towards teaching reading to children with DS.  It has a lot of great ideas and printables.  We used it to supplement our curriculum.
Beginning Steps to Reading - Mennonite bible based early reading curriculum that we used and loved.
Starfall - Free online computer program to teach early reading skills (PreK-2).  Gess absolutely loved this and learned a lot from it.
Reading Eggs - Online subscription based ($9.95 per month/$75.00 per year) website that teaches early reading skills. We reviewed this and liked it but by the time we found it Gess was pretty much beyond what it taught. It offers some methods for parents to track the student's progress.

Reading  -
Early elementary level reading skills (about grades 1-3)

K5 LearningAn online subscription based ($25 month/$199 annual) reading and math program.  We loved this so much we subscribed.  It has great interactive computer lessons.  It's not a full curriculum but a great supplement to offer independent learning with great reporting methods for parents to track progress.
Reading 1 Mennonite bible based reading curriculum that follows Beginning Steps to Reading.  It worked really well with Gess and we love it.

Spelling -

Spelling Introduction to spelling and hands on ideas and method we used.
Spelling Activities More advance ideas and hands on activities we use for spelling.
BigIQ Spelling - An online spelling program that offers free and premium pricing.  We now use this as our spelling curriculum for school each year.
Sharing about the Reading 1 Mennonite Curriculum spelling lessons.

Writing -

Handwriting Without Tears  A great handwriting curriculum that uses some hands on manipulatives to teach basic skills.  We used this for her first few years.
Creative Writing Journal Very early level introduction to teach journaling and creative writing.
Writing Journal - Enhancing Memory RetentionMore advanced journal keeping to enhance memory retention and writing skills.  

Other -

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Thank you for sharing these resources and for being a shining light for other moms.

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