Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skip Counting Song Video

Skip counting is one of the challenges we faced last school year. Gess seems to get the tens fairly well (though she often omits 30). but she still struggles with the fives and twos. Math U See has a CD with songs including some for skip counting but I have never purchased it. One of the reasons is that in the videos and material they do warn you not to let them get accustomed to singing them because ultimately he wants them to say them by rote. It's important for math. So I am thinking I am not going to teach her one way and then try to undo it. So I decided to not use the CD.

In the mean time I was looking for something to help Gess learn skip counting and I came across this video on Youtube. I like it because there is singing during the chorus but they do not actually sing when they are counting. Gess really loves it and it seems to have helped some. I do think that it is somewhat confusing because it teaches all three concepts at once. Because of that I recommend using it only after you have studied skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, or just use the parts of the video that go with each respective lesson. Feel free to share other skip counting resources that you use. We still needs some work in this area and I am always open to suggestions!

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Jenny said...

That's great. I'll have to show it to my daughter. I'd like her to learn to count by 5's, so she can figure out how to tell time.


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