Friday, August 7, 2009

First Day of School!

I had not planned on starting school for several weeks because I am waiting to get through Gess' surgery. However, there are other circumstances that had us start a bit early.

One is that we were both anxious to get started. As I was organizing and arranging our school room and materials to get ready, Gess kept wanting to "do" school. I love that she loves school, so who am I to say no, right? She was so anxious to start she even woke up extra early.

There is also another matter. I found out that I am expecting an addition to our family. I am due to deliver in March, which is perfect, for we will take that week as our spring break. However, I know the adjustment will be hard on Gess, not to mention how tired I will be! I figure if we get an early start now we can take 2 weeks or more off when the baby is born. Between the extra week or two this month and any time we need to make up over the summer, I think the adjustment will go rather smoothly. My mom has also volunteered to come help with the baby when I start school back up if need be, so I am sure things will work out. I just want some wiggle room and flexibility so we can enjoy the first few weeks getting to know our new baby without fretting over getting behind in school.

With that said, I will share some photos of her first day at school. Here is Gess as she started the 2nd grade!


Evelyn said...

Have a great first day of school, Gess!! :)

Julie said...

My 4yo is anxious to start as 8yo not so much lol. Congratulations! That is exciting news. We always had to take a "break" when a new family member made an entrance (with the last one it was a hurricane and a baby lol) so it is smart to get a head start. Good luck with the new year and the new little one. :)

Beverly said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you!!! you must be so excited! What a blessing! So nice that Gess loves school so much.

Orange Juice said...

I hope you had a great first day!

Ria said...

Congratulations on your latest blessing! How wonderful!
Gess certainly has a penchant for learning. I'm sure you are very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of a 5 yr old Down Syndrome daughter and just starting with homeschooling. It's overwhelming to think I am taking on this task. I happen to come across your blog today and would like to email you for some advice and share with you some of the curriculum that I have found. Would you be able to email me so that I can reply? My email is


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