Friday, April 17, 2015

The Passover Week Overview

This year as we are studying the Biblical Holidays which of course included the Passover. I really wish I could have kept up with blogging about it while we were celebrating it but there was so much to prepare and do that I just didn't have the time. I still want to share what we did and how we did it so next year I can pull these posts back out for both your sake and mine!

The Passover Week celebration had many elements. Each Friday I will post a specific blog for each one.  As they are completed the links below will work. For now just know they are coming. Check back every Friday for the next six weeks to learn more!

1. The Preparation - (Coming April 24) This required work a few weeks ahead of time. It basically was the task of removing unleavened bread from your home and what we learned in the process of the cleansing.

2.  Passover Crafts & Activities - (Coming Soon) We did two crafts, some fun pages, and watched some videos to help our daughter be a part of the celebration.

3. The Seder Plate(Coming Soon) This covers what you need to put on your plate and what each component represents.

4.  The Passover Seder(Coming Soon) This covers what we did during our ceremony and what we learned from it.

5. The Feast of Unleavened Bread - (Coming Soon) How our week went, what we did, how well we avoided leaven, what we learned, and tricks to make it fun.

6. Unleavened Bread & Passover Recipes(Coming Soon) Here I share the recipes we used and the food we ate during this week.

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