Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EMS and Fire Safety Field Trip

This month our co-op visited the Fire Station where both firefighters and EMTs where there to take us on a tour of their facilities and vehicles to teach us some basic safety tips.  It was so much fun!  Gess had the honor the of being the one to try on the fireman's suit.

Everyone also loves to sit in the drivers seat of the Fire Truck.

Of course these things can also be noisy!

Seeing all of these were cool but we learned some important things.

Fire Safety Tips

1. Call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency

2. Stop, Drop, & Roll - This is the procedure you use when you or your clothes are on fire.
     Stop running frantically fueling the flame.
     Drop to the ground
     Roll around to put out the flame. Don't forget to cover your eyes!

3. Crawl to leave a building on fire, don't walk. Smoke rises so be sure to stay down low.

4. Check doorways before passing through. First look to see if you see smoke going through. Then touch it carefully with the back of your hand to see if the door if is hot. If it doesn't feel hot carefully check the door knob to see if it is hot. If there is no smoke and the door and knob are not hot, open carefully to see if its safe.

5. Have a fire safety plan - Make sure you know how to get out of your home in case of a fire! Have an exit route and a designated place to meet once outside.

6. Have regular fire drills! This is where we got into trouble. The kids admitted we don't do that much at home. We have now picked a date where once a month we will hold a firedrill. It's important, even in a homeschool!

I am sure there were many other things we learned, but that's what I remember the most.

The EMS was fun too, but I didn't get many pictures of it. We learned some safety tips there as well. They talked about ways to be safe and avoid injury and what to do when you get hurt. They also showed the kids what they might do if you were injured. They got to see the oxygen mask and we even had one child strapped on a board that they would use. One thing that the EMT said that I thought was really cool was about needles. Sometimes they need to use needles to help and needles hurt. She then said that needles were called needles because sometimes we just need them!

All in all it was a great field trip. The staff was great with the kids and made them feel safe. Gess, however has no desire to be a fireman. She told me that suit was too heavy! I don't think the EMTs impressed her much either. She left wanting to be a police officer and we didn't visit with any of them!

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