Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Glasses!

I noticed that Gess was looking over her glasses a lot so I felt it was time to get them checked out. Her appointment went well and we found out the problem was not that they were getting too loose, as I had thought, but that her strong eye had actually improved and therefore it was easier for her to look over, rather than through her glasses!  Her other eye basically stayed the same, but its the weaker eye.

Now that Gess is 13 she is really starting to develop her own tastes so looking for glasses was a lot of fun. She looked at the shelf and suddenly discovered a pair of pink glasses and grabbed them hastily off the shelf. We laughed, but they were plastic and its hard to get a good fit for her sometimes, but these did look like they might work. We still had her try other pairs to which she stuck out her tongue at a few of them. Nope, she wasn't liking our picks at all!  She clung to her pink glasses and the optometrist agreed that we could get them to fit well, so we went with them. The day they came in Gess snatched her glasses off and practically threw them at the lady helping us trying to grab her news ones. We had to explain that we had to fit them to her first. After a few times of melding the ear pieces to sit snugly, we got a good fit. She loves them, and so do I! She has good taste!

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