Friday, May 1, 2015

Passover Crafts & Activities

Our celebration of the Passover led us to look for some activities for Gess to do to help her learn about the holiday. I found had a site for kids called the Jewish Kids Club. There you can find lots of visuals, videos, and craft ideas.

The Passover Holiday page has lots of great information. Of course this is solely from a Jewish perspective but it really helps to get a feel for how it has always been done. We did two of their crafts, colored some printable pages, and used one kid friendly recipe.

I really had trouble finding many of the things I needed for our Seder meal, including a matzah cover. Their Matzah Cover Craft was a great idea! Now I didn't need to buy anything. We used our own stencils and materials, but the idea came from them. We ended up doing the stenciling just like we did our Challah Cloth.

Next I found a video teaching the kids to make an Afikoman Bag. I had no idea what that even was! You see during the Passover meal you break a piece of Matzah in half and hide one side of it. The Afikoman bag is something to keep that in. Traditionally children look for it later and turn it in for a prize. Since Easter was two days after Passover, we had Gess wait until Easter morning to hunt for it. That's so much better than eggs!  She turned it in for a chocolate cross!

For some reason I can't get their videos to embed here, but do click on the Afikoman Bag Craft link and check it out. It was a lot of fun!

Next was some cooking from their Kids in the Kitchen page. It only took 3 ingredients to make the charoset but boy was it yummy!  Charoset is used on the Seder Plate to represent the bricks and mortar they were forced to make while slaves in Egypt. We used Pecans rather than Walnuts simply because we had some and we used red grape juice rather than wine. You can see it on our Seder Plate below.

I hope you enjoyed these craft ideas and consider using them the next time you celebrate the Passover!  You can read more about what we did during the Passover at my Passover Week page.

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Renee K. said...

Looks like you had a fun time with the crafts.

The Afikoman is a Greek word basically it means-hidden(or that which comes after), or buried, to be found and redeemed later for a reward.

For us who believe in Jesus, it is no mystery. It is a beautiful picture of Jesus and the one and only God. The Son left the Holy of Holies, heaven, was broken, buried, and brought back. He who finds Him receives a great reward, Eternal Life.


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