Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Reading Has Begun!

We signed up for our summer reading program again.  This year's theme is Every Hero Has a Story. Gess is now in the middle school challenge where she only has to read 10 books, but they have to be from the J, YA, or A section. She selected several books but started with a Young Indiana Jones book. She was thrilled they had one in a font size she can read!  Her reading is excellent but she can't read books with normal small print.

I also signed up and have to read 10 books. Adults can read from any section but I try to make my own challenges. This year each book must be a different author, but I am not sure what other limits I might set. Anyway, I started with The Auschwitz Escape. I have been wanting to read that since it released but never got around to it.

We started reading right away and are already several chapters in. Hubby came in and took our picture!

I didn't like putting mine away last night, too much was happening!  What are you reading this summer? Have you signed up for your summer reading program yet? What's your goal?

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