Friday, December 26, 2014

Studying OT Biblical Holidays

I have been wanting to study the Old Testament Biblical holidays for quite some time but I wanted to wait until Gess was old enough to really get something out of it. Now that she is, I am anxious for the new year to begin. See, besides simply studying the holidays, we are going to actually observe them!  From January to December we will do each holiday as it takes place. In fact we are going to observe some of the non-biblical Jewish holidays as well.  We are using the book A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays to help us navigate what to do. They have lots of great information and many fun games, activities, and crafts to go along with them.

There aren't really any festivals at the very beginning of our year. They don't really get started to until the spring. It is pretty much Spring and Fall, with just a couple in the winter.  You can see the chart on the back of the book that explains when they are.

We also plan on observing the Sabbath, or should I say Shabbat?  While the book gives suggestions on how to do it, I wanted see one actually in action, so I found a few helpful videos online. Of course ours will be a Messianic observance as we will include how Christ is the fulfillment of what we observe.

Here is a simple explanation of how each blessing is to take place.

This one instructs you on how to observe most of the traditional aspects of the meal with your family.

This one is actually filming a Messianic observance in Israel.I think we will include the Shabbat Shalom song in ours!

Our first observance will be January 2nd.  I found the exact times at Ours looks like this:

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Vayechi
Friday, January 2, 2015
Light Candles at:
4:57 PM
Shabbat, January 3, 2015
Shabbat Ends:
5:58 PM
I am excited to get started! I will hopefully share some about each of our holiday observances but I want to be careful recording them as I want them to be observed with the reverence it is due. I will also be trying some Challah bread recipes and will share which one we end up using!

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Renee K. said...

That is wonderful that you are doing that. You will see Yeshua(Jesus) throughout the Bible days and the traditional ones.

We are Messianic Believers.I look forward to hearing about your journey.


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