Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas with the Co-Op

Today we had great fun with our new homeschool co-op. We went to the nursing home and performed The Little Drummer Boy. Gess was asked to be the angel, but she preferred to be a shepherd, so she was!

Next we invaded our local grocery store and split up into 2 teams. Each team had a budget of $20 to spend on getting food for a family in need. This needed to be non-perishable items that would make a good meal. Our team lost because we went over. Ours came to $20.43.  That's not too bad though. They picked out some good items. Macaroni and Cheese, veggies, cans of fruit, pasta and spaghetti sauce, juice, cake mix with icing and a few other things. 

After that we stopped at the old fashioned soda shop for a treat. Gess got a Dr. Pepper float and liked it!  That was a great way to celebrate Christmas I think. Our final meeting of the year is a mom's only luncheon. I am looking forward to that!

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