Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Digging for Dinosaurs

Ever since Gess saw the video Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel she has been fascinated with dinosaurs.  Every time she picks up her bible she is in Job reading about the Behomoth and she keeps looking up songs from the show on Youtube.  So for Christmas we got her a few new products from Answers in Genesis so she could learn more about dinosaurs.

To add to that theme I  thought I would also introduce Gess to paleontology, in a very hands on sort of way.  After watching I Dig Dinosaurs she got to dig one of her own with another Christmas gift we got her: a Geo World Dino Excavation Kit of her favorite dinosaur T-Rex. (The kit does come with evolutionary information inside, but we just ignored that.)

Gess really had a blast digging for the dinosaur!  It was hard and tedious work but she was so diligent.  I tried to tell her it didn't need to be completed in one sitting, but she was not giving up until she had discovered all the bones!

It made quite a mess!

But it was worth finding all the bones!

Now she just had to assemble the pieces she discovered.

Here you have your T-Rex!

Of course we do realize that you would not discover all the dinosaur bones and that many bones are hand made to help fill in the gaps and put it together.  Then, Paleo-Artists like Buddy Davis use these skeletal remains to draw and build the models we see in museums today.  So while this isn't exactly how it really happens, it is fun to have your own set of tools and dig out your discovery.

Gess had so much fun doing this she is saving up to get another kit.  I wonder what dinosaur she will discover this time!

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The Happy Homeschool Mom said...

My children love those kits too. There is something about dinosaurs that is so exciting to children. I don't know if you ever do lapbooks, but we have done this one for homeschool share a few years ago it is creation based and has some fun hands on activities


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