Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Homeschooling Essentials - Planning

As I said in my previous post about Prayer, I am a planner.  Planning in its proper place is important and is an essential tool in my homeschool. 

Since I only homeschool one child I do great with an simple teacher's lesson plan book like this inexpensive one from Rod and Staff.

However, if you have many kids in different grades, doing different things in each subject, that probably isn't idea.  I know that there are lots of other great homeschool planners out there.  Donna Young's website has tons of homeschool forms available for free.  Among them are some pretty great planners.

The Old Schoolhouse has a really awesome one.  While it isn't free it is worth the money.  These are formatted by a typical school year calendar so this one is half over but hey, it's at a really low price now too!

Once I have my planner I start by making a sample lesson plan for the week.  I try to follow that as best I can but many times I use it to simply write down what we DID do, rather than writing down before hand what we are SUPPOSED to do.  I usually get Monday's lessons laid out, but each day after I pencil in what actually gets done.  Having a daughter with special needs, sometimes thing do not go as fast as expected!

Planning is important.  Knowing what you plan to do will make your day go more smoothly and having a way to keep those plans together is essential.  However, even with all that planning, things won't always go as expected.  So while planning is good, you also need to learn to be flexible.  We will talk about that tomorrow.

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Leah Courtney said...

I love the planning part of homeschooling. :-)

Schoolinginthe Sun said...

I am a planning junkie! I think I could plan and have much more fun than actually carrying out the plans sometimes...


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