Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Friday: Donna Young Printables

During last week's 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials I mentioned Printables and Resources during my post about Planning.  Well I wanted to highlight that resource here because she has a lot more to offer than just planners.

Donna Printables and Resources are FREE!  Along with general information on Homeschool and ideas for those who are New to Homeschooling Donna Young has helps for every step of the way.

You won't just find a Calendar or two here.  You will find school calendars, blank calendars, 12+ month, horizontal, event, blank dated, big and of course monthly.  On top of that there are tools for teaching the calendars to children.  There are even instructions for making your own desk calendar!

There are printable and helps for teaching Art, English, Handwriting, History, Math, and Science. There are also maps, handwriting paper and worksheets, household helps such as chore charts and so much more!  Here are just a few examples of what you can find.

They have animations for printing letters.  These actually work live on the website.  Check them out!

Math helps that includes making clocks, charts, papers, drills, graph paper and how to make fraction manipulatives.

 If you need some extra help teaching a subject or just want some fresh ideas check out these great FREE resources from

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