Monday, January 13, 2014

Logic of English

Last year I reviewed Logic of English  and absolutely love it.  I have people ask me questions about whether it is good for all kids with special needs, and when they should start it, among other things.  So while in my review I told you about how it worked, here I am going to tell you about what all they have to offer.  I am not an affiliate or getting compensated in any way.  It's just a great product and I want my readers to have as much information as possible so they can decide if it will work well for them.

Logic of English has a vastly different approach to learning about English.  You can read that in my review.  They also offer a large variety of information on their website as well as several sample pages for every book they offer.  Read everything and view the video.  It shares a lot about how it works.

I reviewed the Logic of English Essentials curriculum.  It can be used for five to six year old students who are learning to read or for older students up to age 9 and over who are not reading at their current grade level.  Gess, who has Down syndrome can actually read at her grade level, but her comprehension, spelling and grammar are not quite up to par.  This is helping Gess catch what she missed along to the way, while continuing to excell at reading.  It is also helping her speech since the lessons are based upon the phonetics of the language rather than simply the letters.

Ages 5-6 learning to read
Ages 7-9 behind grade level
Adults who need reading help
ESL students

They also offer Logic of English Foundations which is a beginning reader material.  If your child is new to reading, especially if they have special needs, I recommend trying this one out first.  I personally would start my five year old here before trying the essentials.  It is intended for kindergarten through first grade though I might start a child at preschool with it or use it with an older student who has special needs.  It would simply depend on the child.

Begininning Readers

They also have handwriting books that I don't use because we use Handwriting Without Tears and apps which are only for the Ipad/Iphone and I have a Windows phone and an Android tablet or I would certainly use them.

You really need to check out the website.  It has tons of information, explanation, samples and even some videos. You can also read other reviews by the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I have only used Essentials so they might be able to tell you about the other products! 


I hope this has helped!

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