Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Making Music with the Recorder

My son Tim, the one that is studying music and theatre in college and who also went to public school, feels that every child should take recorder lessons in the 5th grade.  It is something he enjoyed and it is an instrument he believes that has true value.

Anyway, when he came home from college for Christmas break he decided that he would give Gess some lessons on the recorder.

To help him he found a really neat website Squeaky's Recorder Playhouse that teaches you all about the recorder and had some great fingering charts like the one below.

Wikihow also had some good instructions on how to play and care for your recorder.

I just love introducing Gess to new things.  What tickled me the most was when she was in her room reading her dictionary one day (yes, she sits and reads her dictionary) and noticed that the word recorder was in there!  She came out, got her recorder and was reading about it while exploring her own.

While we haven't done much with it since Tim has left, at least Gess has learned a bit more about it.  Tim is correct in that a recorder is a real instrument that can make some beautiful music.  For proof of that here is Vivaldi's Concerto in c-minor for the treble recorder.

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