Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Friday: Kids Answers

Last month I shared a temporary free resource from Answers in Genesis.  They were offering their video Dinosaurs, Genesis and The Gospel for KIDS video for free to Use the Recent Atheist Attacks to Teach More Kids the Truth about creation and dinosaurs.  I then posted about our experience with those videos and how much my daughter loved them as well as the quiz that Gess took at the end of them.  After sending in our quiz to Answers in Genesis we got a letter from Ken Ham and a couple of cards with dinosaur facts and a few quotes from the video. Gess was really excited to receive them.

While Answers in Genesis is no longer offering the download of these videos for free I did find a resource where you can watch them online for FREE.  The Kids Answers website has several videos that kids can watch absolutely free. While the videos don't go to full screen they are still entertaining, educational and enjoyable.  Gess spends lots of time there.  She really likes Buddy and some of his songs.

Besides videos the Kids Answers website has online magazines to read, information about animals, activities and of course shares the gospel. You can learn about the bible, science, and lots of other interesting facts.  It's a fun site that you will want to book mark for your kids!

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