Monday, August 12, 2013

Looking Forward to the Schoolhouse Expo

The Old Schoolhouse Expo is just one week from today and I am really looking forward to it.  As I have said, I haven't been able to attend a homeschool convention for a few years now and I could really use that this year.  I love the encouragement you get but I also love learning new things myself.  I am especially interested in hearing a few of the speakers.

My favorite isn't really a homeschool specific speaker but he is someone whose ministry  I have followed and I am excited about his latest movie release Evolution Vs. GodRay Comfort of Living Waters has really impacted how I share the gospel.  In fact it was his ministries visual Ten Commandants that we used to teach Gess with.

There are also a few speakers who will be talking about the law and our how to protect our homeschooling freedoms. That is a real concern and passion of mine.  I feel we are losing more and more freedom every day and unfortunately too many people think we should not have the right to teach our religious values to our own children.  That is truly frightening.  Well Attorneys Christine Field & David C Gibbs III will address that and Antony Kolenc will help us make sure we don't make any of the common mistakes.

There will be speakers from the magazine itself.
Deborah Weuhler a senior editor of the TOS Magazing will sharing some of that encouragement I am looking forward to as she shares how to complete that homeschool race through Prayer, Power and Perseverance. 
Bonnie Rose Hudson will actually be speaking on how to write for publications of the TOS Magazine.
Bob Irvin and Lori Scheele will share how to get organized with the amazing tool they offer at Schoolhouse

Other great speakers who will appear are: Dean Butler, Todd Wilson, Andrew Pudewa, and Heather Laurie who will have a focus on homeschooling multiple children with special needs.

There will be 30 speakers in all and you won't want to miss it!  In fact you have a chance to attend for free because I am giving away one FREE ticket to the expo.  Just click on the link and sign up, it's real easy!

For more information or to register visit the The Old Schoolhouse Expo.

Disclaimer:  This is a promotional post for which I received one free admission to the Expo as my reimbursement.

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