Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Schoolhouse Expo is ON

The Schoolhouse Expo started yesterday but it's not too late to get in on it.  There are still 4 days (counting today) of great speakers and if you are registered you will receive access to the recorded sessions that you missed anyway!  I had to miss yesterday due to a busy schedule so I am looking forward to that myself!

Tonight I am anxiously waiting to hear Dean Butler and Ray Comfort and have my scheduled all filled out with what sessions I want to catch the rest of the week!  Be sure to register soon and catch up.  Sessions start at 1:00pm EST.

You know one thing that is really great about doing a conference this way?  You don't have to choose between sessions!  Every conference I go to I have to skip one person in order to hear another and then I have to pay extra to order the audio if I miss it!  Well not with the Schoolhouse Expo, you get to catch them all.  They are not going at the same time and if you miss them for other reasons you just wait for the audio link to be delivered when it's ready. 

Oh and the ticket price has been reduced from $24 to $17 for the midway ticket!  I am not sure if that includes audio of what was missed but it's still a great price.

Disclaimer:  This is a promotional post for which I received one free admission to the Expo as my reimbursement.

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