Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hannah Who?

We don't have cable television or satellite TV.  Now that doesn't mean we don't watch it at all.  We do subscribe to HuluPlus and will rent DVDs.  Still, our television viewing consists mostly of cooking shows  some of which are reality and contest related.  I enjoy Biggest Loser as well and will watch an occasional episode of a sitcom or drama, as long as they don't have too much nudity or sexual content.  We do find that most shows we like usually end up getting ruined by trying to make a statement that opposes our biblically based moral values so we end up having to quit watching them anyway.

One thing we have never done is encouraged our daughter to watch the children's networks.  While we would watch some of them during her preschool years I am not been a fan of Disney or Nickelodeon shows for older kids.  I don't need my daughter to mimic a whiny teenager trying to become popular, fawn over boys and act a like a pop star who sings songs I don't want her listening to anyway! 

This makes us odd to most of the society.  The fact that we barely watch television and are not really up on the latest pop music or Hollywood celebrities are some of things they make fun of us homeschoolers for.  That is OK by me.  This week I was extremely grateful for the fact that my daughter has been "sheltered" from such things.

Miley Cyrus made the news this week and if you were forced to see the video on the news or the graphics that made it on Facebook you know that this girl did something awful.  The fact that society is shocked that she would do such a thing is more news worthy than the fact that she actually did it.  Society has warped our values and traditions changing the American dream through hard work and sacrifice to fame and fortune by any means possible.  That was made blatantly apparent this week.  People will do anything to get attention.

Yes, I am glad that my daughter was not only unaware of what Miley did, but that she is also unaware of who she is.  We never watched Hannah Montana so my daughter did not have to deal with another role model letting her down.  I feel very sad that millions of girls have to go through that.  Why, oh why, do we let them look up to people we don't know anything about, that we will never meet or will affect our life in any real or personal way?  Because they can sing, act, dance, or play sports?  Who cares!?

In the course of eternity the things that are important in life should be things that bring glory and honor to God.   I have an idea, take all the money you spend on concert tickets and feed the poor.  And that time you waste away watching movies or television, go help the needy, visit the elderly, or spend real life time with a friend.  Take off the headphones and put down your cell phone and talk to your mom and dad, your siblings, or a friend.  They may be hurting and need someone to talk to and you will never know if you care more about strangers than you do those who are really in your life.

I actually have family that knows more about what these people are doing, who they are dating and how many kids they have then they do their own children and grandchildren.   Make sure you don't fall into that trap.  What are you kids up to?  Do you know their friends?  Are they fans of people like Miley?  While you are outraged are they trying to mimic her behavior?  Do you know who and what they are texting to friends, to boys, to men?  It's frightening what goes on around us that we are unaware of because we are more worried about the "news" of the day then we are the implications of what our lack of involvement might be.

This last week my mother was in the hospital and there was a television in our room.  Since we were there for a long time I gave Gess the option of watching television and you know what, she chose not to!  She played, colored, read books, and entertained herself just fine.  When she finally did turn the television on it was to watch the weather.  My little meteorologist has to watch the weather!  Some may say that is odd, but if being odd means you can read books, entertain yourself and behave appropriately in a time of crisis I have no problem being odd!  In fact, it's my goal!

2 Cor 6:17 Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord

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