Tuesday, August 13, 2013

School Begins...AGAIN

It's really hard for me to adjust to doing school from January to December.  Right now I am so caught up in the back to school fever that everyone else is in I feel like I need to start school.  However, with all the back to school sales on supplies it is a great time to restructure so we are doing that.

My school calendar never actually stopped over the summer and by looking at my reviews you can tell we stayed somewhat busy.  The basics were covered but we certainly didn't do full school days.  So, while we are in the middle of the school year we officially re-started our full time daily schedule last week.

I am really excited about the the new curriculum we are using, Logic of English.  I will be writing my review on it at the beginning of September but I can tell you it has been excellent for Gess so far.  It's an entirely different approach that is really focusing on the sounds of the language and therefore really helping Gess with her speech intelligibility!

We are also going through our old God's Great Covenant New Testament again. We got it at the end of the school year before and when school started back up we had other curriculum to try so we never completed it.  We have since done God's Great Covenant Old Testament so I want to get back and pick up where we left off here.

I am also reviewing Time 4 Learning again so for now we are using that for our only social studies and science but I have plans to change that in September after the review.  I have something specific I want to do with science.  Since we have been focusing on counting money by playing games we are working through money in the math section of this program as well.

Gess is still not getting the whole homework assignment thing, at least she is not yet completing it without a reminder.  If she does remember on her own she gets a gem but so far she hasn't gotten any.  Hopefully by the end of the year she will do a better job at keeping up with it!

Well, here we go full swing!  I can tell you this, I am really glad to have some more order and structure back in our day.  I think Gess is too.

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Laura Noli said...

I hadn't heard of Logic Of English... I am very interested to see how you like it. I have a son who struggles with speech difficulties (articulation) as well.


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